The Valparaiso Foundation from Mojacar (Almería) announces a Ch Artist-in-Residence Grant for Photographers in collaboration with Cobertura Photo.

The Valparaiso Foundation is a private, not-for-profit institution founded in 1990 by Paul and Beatrice Beckett  to promote the creation of artistic works and research in the field of fine arts, literature and music. These aims are principally carried out by the residence for artists, writers and researchers  in the Foundation’s facilities in Mojacar (Almeria), providing financial assistance to any cultural activity or individual involved in teaching and research in these fields and holding seminars, conferences, exhibitions and prizes across the various artistic disciplines.

The Ch Artist-in-Residence Grant for Visual Artists is an essential part of Valparaiso Foundation’s plight to keep its original calling and spirit. Almost two thousand international artists have lived and worked together in our residence over the last 25 years.



Important: Those who access the scholarship through Cobertura Photo, must indicate it in the application form