This course is designed for those who are starting from a basic level and want to improve their skills in photography in all its aspects, and thus obtain levels of knowledge of the world of image and sufficient capacity to decide its continuity in training in this medium, its complementation with other fields or its passage to the professional world.

It is a dynamic and very practical course divided into three parts, which will place the student to work also on a regular basis outside the teaching hours. The course is structured in different subjects that are sometimes complementary and cover one, two or all three parts.

The first part will deal with general aspects of photography, mainly on the technical level and accompanied by a practical side. In the second and third parts, we will find three modules that will lead from the rest of the course: Documentary Photography, Conceptual Photography and Creation, and the Personal Project. Visions.

The second and third parts incorporate masterclasses and new modules that will address different aspects of photography and whose final objective is to get the students to know the possibilities of photography as a visual language.


Photography technique Review. Valentín Luján
The digital lab 1. Ernesto Villalba
Introduction lighting techniques. Martin Okuemotto
Introduction to  the photo project. Alberto Rojas Maza
On a personal vision: Manolo Espaliú

The camera obscura. Ilan Wolff
Documentary photography 1. Juan Carlos Cazalla
Conceptual photography. Antonio Pérez
Lighting techniques. Martin Okuemotto
The digital lab  2. Ernesto Villalba
Photography and mobile devices. Pepe Ortega
In the studio. Juanjo Moreno
Masterclass of Photography and Psychology. Alfredo Oliva
Photography and literature. A practical approach.  Manuel Rodríguez

Documentary photography 2.  Juan Carlos Cazalla
Conceptual photography 2. Antonio Pérez
Lighting techniques 2. The language of the light. Martin Okuemotto
History of photography through the genres. Pedro Cantero
The digital lab  3. Ernesto Villalba.
Masterclass of photojournalism. Fito Carreto.
Training and professional opportunities. Orientations. Valentín Luján
Masterclass of Freelance/ Editorial Photography. Monica Gumm
Art and photography: Photography as an artistic territory, exhibition and market. Juan Carlos Sanchez-Lamadrid.
Editing of photographs. The photobooks and the photography books. Ignacio González

Personal Projects January-May
The photo project will be developed by each student throughout the last two blocks. The subject to be discussed, free, may be decided by the student himself or discussed with the teachers designated for that function. There will be a monthly follow-up of the projects, which will consist of viewing and criticising the projects. These follow-ups will be done in a personalized way so that students can be aware of their mistakes, both technical and language, that will improve their work.

A visit to Clorofila digital laboratory  in Madrid coinciding with the Hybrid Art Fair. Also guided visits to interesting exhibitions that are being carried out in Seville during the period of the course will be proposed.
Suggestions for mini weekend workshops: In previous years they have taken place at the artists' residence La Fragua (Belalcazar, Cordoba), and at the Valparaiso Foundation (Mojácar, Almería).

Cobertura Photo is sponsored by different brands. These sponsors allow students to work with the latest generation of lighting equipment: Profoto and access to the best digital printing and assembly processes: Clorofila Digital.

Both brands offer our students discounts on their lighting equipment, printing and photo montages.

Since 2017 Canon is a  partner of our school. The collaboration is carried out in different ways: Master classes, loans of material for students and Canon days among others.

Students enrolled in the general course interested in renewing or expanding their CANON equipment get special prices.

Through this collaboration, Cobertura chooses each year to receive a scholarship so that a student of the one year course  can attend the Festival Visa pour l'Image de Perpignan.

Collective Exhibition Personal Projects
The works created for the personal projects will be shown in a collective exhibition that will take place after the end of the course, in the period from October 2018 to January 2019. Likewise, and once the exhibition is over, the works of a group of students will be selected to be exhibited in the Arquemi Gallery in Seville.

Scholarship for the Best Personal Project
The scholarship for the best project will consist of the assignment of cobertura photo space for an solo exhibition. The production costs of the work will be covered by Clorofila Digital, which sponsors the event. 

Participation in Art Fair
Cobertura photo assists annually to the Hybrid Art Fair,  celebrated in Madrid coinciding with ARCO. CP selects former former students to show their work at the Fair.

Participation in CP projects
CP selects students  to participate in  pedagogical projects developed in collaboration with other centers and entities.

The CP space is mainly used as a classroom, gallery and photo studio.  

The space count on a specialized library, as well as a video library. Students, in addition to consulting and acquiring, can withdraw part of the funds on loan.

Open WIFI area