Module 1: Storytelling and Workflow: September 24–28
Module 2: Multimedia Basics with Sound: October 1–6
Module 3: Contextual Editing and Sequencing: October 8–12
Module 4: From Stills to Video: October 15–19
Four-Module Program: September 20–October 20 (includes a two-day orientation and final diploma ceremony)

Class Size: 15 Students

With ICP Masterclasses in Visual Storytelling, you'll learn how to tell a refined story, develop a “media kit” stocked with both technical and artistic tools, seamlessly edit and sequence imagery, and explore best practices for approaching subjects through ICP’s new global reach initiative.

Each ICP Masterclass in Visual Storytelling is designed to guide you through consecutive stages of fulfilling a project idea, with the ultimate goal of creating a thought-provoking story. Along the way, you will find meaning in your work and discover informed communication strategies, which are key to any photographer’s success.

Offered worldwide, these flexible courses, or “modules,” can be tailored to meet your needs. Prospective students may apply for any one-week module, a combination of weeklong modules, or an entire monthlong program. Each module may be completed at different sites across the globe.

Course Descriptions

Module 1: Storytelling and Workflow Media

Discover a context to help frame your work. This course focuses on exploring themes and ideas by grouping, editing, and sequencing to make a coherent body of work. Through student-centered learning techniques and exercises, we work together to build an individualized storyline. You are expected to bring works in progress, and faculty will guide you to organize your workflow, timeline, and, ultimately, a basis for individual vision. The class includes optional one-on-one critiques with faculty.

During the Module 1  The Flamenco Biennial, the most important flamenco festival in the world,  take place in the city.

The Biennial hosts the best spectacles, classical and contemporary, and the city is also packed of varied events. Many attractive activities will develop around the spectacles.

The Bienal will collaborate with the ICP Masterclass offering students facilities to shoot in rehearsals and a map of places and activities where students can also work on the topic.

A perfect opportunity to deep in the flamenco world in the city where it was born.

Requirements: 4x6-inch same-sized printed imagery and Adobe Lightroom software. Application requires a project idea, goal, and work in progress.

Module 2: Multimedia Basics with Sound

Combining sound with images to create compelling multimedia stories generates a potent context for visual imagery. Using your work, archival research, samplings, and gathered materials, this class leverages Adobe Premiere Pro to frame and create a short trailer or multimedia story that exemplifies the power of voice. The art of making a good interview and recording involves a technique crucial to successful storytelling. Together, we practice with subjects and/or friends with recorders, microphones, and video.

Requirements: Proficiency with Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom software; students must have working knowledge of Lightroom and have completed tutorials in Premiere Pro before the class begins. Application requires a project idea, goal, and work in progress.

Module 3: Contextual Editing and Sequencing

Learning to hear your own voice is more difficult than you may think; editing images becomes easier when you can clearly contextualize them; choosing and ordering your images affects the ways in which they are viewed. This course closely examines how to build a narrative visually, listen to pitch, and explore strategies that clearly communicate your vision. Through guidance, exercises, examples, critiques, and self-examination, students will discover ways to make sense of their visual worlds.

Requirements: Adobe Lightroom and same-sized printed imagery; digital archive of all files—still, video, or audio. Application requires a project idea, goal, and work in progress.

Module 4: From Stills to Video

You have all the components of an unedited story—stills, video, audio, archival photographs—and now you just need to edit and slice them together. In this course, you will create a polished multimedia story on someone, someplace, or something you find interesting. By enhancing your editing skills in stills/video/audio, you will complete a full digital presentation ranging from 59 seconds to 5 minutes. Lectures on advanced media interactivity and best practices punctuate the week.

Requirements: Students must have a working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro, and have updated versions loaded before the class begins. Students must bring an external hard drive archive of all vital elements to complete a multimedia story. Application requires a project idea, goal, and sample images or video.

Program Overview

  • Students are required to have their own laptop, external hard drive, and relevant updated software.
  • Each module is more advanced than the previous one, assuming certain technical abilities.
  • Each module begins with an orientation and ends with a final class review.
  • Each module includes lectures, exercises, and group critiques.
  • All students receive one-on-one feedback from the instructor.
  • Evening lectures address pertinent topics related to that module.

Upon completion of all four modules, students will receive ICP Masterclasses in Visual Storytelling certificate. Students will also receive automatic acceptance to any of ICP’s three full-time One-Year Certificate programs (application fees will be waived for three years from completion of Masterclasses.)

Students who participate in a monthlong program will receive the following benefits:

  • An early start, two-day orientation, which includes a themed exploration on location with faculty
  • Students will be individually observed through each module and grouped in an accelerated class for most of the program activities.
  • One-on-one consulting and editing with faculty
  • Group presentation of each completed multimedia story at a public screening
  • Graduation ceremony and celebration

Application Process

  • Visit to apply online (unless otherwise noted).
  • Students may apply for any one-week module or a combination of modules.
  • Application fee is $25 for one or all modules.
  • Application requirements are stated for each module in the module descriptions.
  • A letter of acceptance or decline will be sent by email within 30 days after the deadline.


One Module: $1,000      
Two Consecutive Modules: $1,900
Three Consecutive Modules: $2,775
Four Consecutive Modules: $3,600

ICP Faculty and Alumni Participants

Alison Morley, Director of International Programs
Andrea Cattaneo
Ron Haviv
Elizabeth Kilroy
Karen Marshall
Nadja Masri
Saul Metnick
Jake Price
Bob Sacha
Gaia Squarci
Jonathan Torgovnik