TALLER CON ILAN WOLFF. 2017


Alberto Rojas Maza (Sevilla, 1971). Freelance photographer since 1995. degree in history by the University of Seville, where he also began to learn about photography. His photographic training is completed with  courses held in Spain and the US, where he participated in different workshops at the ICP in New York. His work has been exhibited in different Spanish galleries such as Juana de Aizpuru or ARTEXXI and is part of the Contemporary Art Scale Collection, as well as other private collections. In 2002 he founded Cobertura Photo, and since 2006 he combines his work as a photographer with the management of collective projects at an international level; he has co-organized EU Women. 2006 and True or False. In 2012, he coordinated The Other European Travelers, a project that is still ongoing.

Valentin Lujan (Granja de Torrehermosa, Badajoz, 1964). biologist in his professional beginnings and he has been working as a professional photographer since 1998. Training by great photographers such as Cristina Garcia Rodero, Antoine d'Agata, Paulo Nozolino, Patrick Zachmann, Navia, Tino Soriano and Jeffrey Silverthorne. His professional field is linked to street reporting, portraiture, advertising and industrial photography and social reporting. His most frequent clients are private companies, individuals, advertising agencies and public administrations.

Luis Castilla (Las Palmas, 1964). He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and began his career in 1990 as a photographer in the daily press. He is specialized in photography of spectacle and scenic arts, he alternates this occupation with portrait work in studio, advertising photography and the realization of his personal work. In addition to participating in various exhibitions, both individual and collective, his works are published in various graphic media and he is the author of several books on the world of entertainment. He has received awards such as the Honor Award from the Association of Andalusian Dance Professionals, and in teaching he has collaborated as a professor at the CAF (Andalusian Center for Photography). www.luiscastilla.com

Ernesto Villalba (Sevilla, 1980). He is multimedia photographer, cameraman and editor. He studied Audiovisual Production and is co-founder with Sergio Caro and José Carlos Castaño of the documentary and multimedia film production company www.onceuponatimefilms.com. His multimedia works have been showed in different media and festivals, and he has collaborated with the University of Seville in the "Master of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography" and with various photography schools. He is a regular contributor to the production company of journalist David Berian 93metros, with whom he has taken part in projects of News Corporations, such as Percebeiros Sea Bites, pre-selected to the 2012 Goya Awards. www.ernestovillalba.com.

Juan Carlos Cazalla (Andújar, 1956). He has a degree in history from the University of Málaga. He is the assistent of the photographic Archives by the University of Seville. Since 1983 he has been dedicated to photography as a graphic editor in El Mundo, El País and El Correo de Andalucía and for editorials. He has worked for the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage as an expert photographer in cultural goods between 2007-2012. His work is published both in RevistaPH magazine, and in the Cultural Heritage Images Bank.

Antonio Pérez (Tarifa, 1970). After a sculptural past, he has switched to photography, seeking new connections between image and space, treasuring a disordered vision of the world of image(-). He has developed his work in different European centers and his work has been published and exhibited in different Spanish media and galleries.He made different types of projects; working with the administration in areas of social issues and equality. Since 2006, he has collaborated with different foundations in cooperation projects in different countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

Ilan Wolff (Nahariya, Israel 1955). He is a freelance photographer since 1981 and  creator of large format works with camera obscura. His work is closely linked to the origins of photography, and is present in many museums and institutions around the world. They have been exhibited in the Museum of Long Island, New York, the Palais de Tokio, Paris, and the Kursaal de San Sebastian among others. He travels the world with a van, which he uses as a camera obscura, and his base is in Seyssel, France. www.ilanwolff.com

Martín Okuemotto. He started with being a self-taught photographer and then decided to continue to learn at CEV where he finished with a specialization in Fashion Photo and Advertising. At the end of his studies he participated in workshops of contemporary fashion photographers. He moved to London where he worked among others as an assistant photographer and lighting assistant. In 1998 he returned to Spain and settled in Seville where he began working as a freelance photographer. The majority of his work is shared between advertising photography of fashion brands and editorial work.

Fito Carreto (The Port of Santa María, 1965). Although the professional career of Fito Carreto began at the beginning of the 80s as a photography assistant for advertising agencies in Barcelona, his true career has been inseparable from journalism. First as a contributor to El País, Diario 16 and Cambio 16 and, subsequently, as photographer of the Diario de Cádiz, a medium that he considers his school, his university and his home for more than a decade. In addition to exercising his passion in this newspaper as a graphic editor, Fito has also devoted his body and soul to his personal projects, and that is where he develops his most sincere works. www.fitocarreto.com

Juanjo Moreno (La Linea de la Concepción, Cádiz, 1971). He studied photography in Seville and is a self-taught that began to acquire knowledge in the specialty of fashion and advertising. Currently he has collaborated and collaborates with national and international magazines. He won the award for Best Photographer of Spain in the Commercial category 2016 granted by the Federation of Professional Photographers of Spain. www.juanjomorenofotografo.com

Juan Carlos Sánchez de Lamadrid (Seville, 1967). He has a degree in journalism from the University of Seville. He began his professional career as a photographer in different media. Currently he coordinates the direction of projects of Bulmam, a company focused on planning, organization, and promotion of exhibition projects on contemporary art, with the direction of the Sánchez de Lamadrid Gallery, specialized in contemporary photography. He has received awards such as the Fuji Press Photo Awards and his work has been widely exhibited in galleries and institutions.

Manuel Rodríguez (Seville 1965) is a bookseller. He studied architecture at the University of Seville, combining his training with various courses on cinema, directing and film screenplay. Since 2009, he manages the Ultramar bookshop, specialized in traveling narrative, photography, architecture and contemporary art. Since 2010 he coordinates and presents in Radiopolis "Viajes por Ultramar" a radio program about travel books and music from around the world. He has participated as a trainer in the summer courses of the Pablo de Olavide University and for the ICAS through the Public Libraries Network of Seville.

Pedro Cantero (Burgos, 1941). He has a degree in philosophy and history from the University of Paris. For more than twenty years, he has led various experiences in visual anthropology and has collaborated in publications with renowned photographers and filmmakers. He has curated several photography exhibitions and co-produced several documentaries for French public television. Currently he combines teaching as an anthropology professor at the Pablo de Olavide University, with field work in different projects in Latin America and counseling at the University of Quito (Ecuador), where he lives part of the year.

Monica Gumm (Hamburg 1967) She studied photography in Hamburg. In 1990 she came to Spain for a scholarship to specialize in photojournalism. For two years she travelled through Spain and made numerous reports for German publishers. Since 1992, she has worked as a freelance photographer specializing in travel and gastronomy reports. She made reports for the New York Times, The Mirror, Stern Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Joy, Woman, Shape, The Gourmet, El Mundo and El País among many others. Currently she collaborates with the German agency Laif. www.monicagumm.de / www.laif.de

Alfredo Delgado  (Seville, 1958). He has a doctor in psychology and is professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Seville. He is a self-taught photographer focused primarily on street photography and travel.  He is interested in the crossing of two disciplines. Apparently as disparate as psychology and photography, he teaches at his university the seminar on photography and psychology. Some of his writings about the interrelation between these disciplines can be found in his blog "The mirror with memory".

Ignacio González (Seville). He is the editor and head of Photovision, one of the most emblematic publications of photography, and has subscribers all over the world. Ignacio has published works of great names in Spanish photography and has also been betting for years on daring projects of young photographers. Its publisher, IG, is based in Utrera, where it resides. www.photovision.es