- PHOTOTOURS  groups a series of exclusive services designed for a high level tourism, whose aim is to make Seville known by the hand of experienced photographers. 

- We carry out activities and events specially designed for travelers,  tourists and team building groups interested in photography and culture in general. 

- For this, we rely on a human team that includes high levels professional photographers and who also have a deep knowledge of the city and the Spanish culture.

- We want to make known the different aspects of our city always within an artistic and visual context and for that we offer unique experiences

- We also count on our space, where we carry out complementary activities such as welcome cocktails, work presentations, etc

Phototour organized for the CROSSWAY FOUNDATION (UK). Video created and produced by  Crossway Foundation:


The PhotoTours are intended to introduce the participant to the city through photography.

They go through the most emblematic places of the city with the help of experienced photographers, offering a series of guidelines so that participants can enjoy these places and offer a personal view, away from the cliches and tourist postcards .

The intention of this route is to practice different techniques associated with street photography. For this purpose a theoretical session is held at our space, where the afore mentioned techniques are addressed. This session precedes the departure through the city where participants have the opportunity to practice these contents. Back in our space, the photographs are shown and analyzed and we finished with a cocktail.

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Our space is located in the neibourghood of El Arenal, in the center of Seville. A loft with natural light. It is also used as an exhibition space and we count on a kitchen and a work table designed exclusively for us. A perfect space to receive groups, work and enjoy photography as a complement to work in the street.

Loft 120m²,  20m² storage  and a bathroom.
Mezzanine  20m²
Height: 3,80m
Equipment of the space
2 support tables 2 x 1m of wifi connection
audio equipment
video projector
screen for projection 5 x 3m


Phase 1: Reception
The presentations are made, the equipments are tuned up and the participants expectations are analyzed. 

Phase 2: Route
We start with theoretical explanations of the basic photographic concepts and then putting them into practice. The photographer that accompanies the group makes a series of shootings so that the participant can observe how an experienced photographer develops in the street, solving all those doubts of a technical, formal or conceptual type that the participants will face.

Phase 3: Reviews, Comments and Cocktail
Once the route is finished, the group gathers in Cobertura Photo, where the works are put into common, through a slideshow. These images are analyzed and commented by the photographer, solving all those doubts that may be related to them. The masterclass ends with a cocktail.


NOTE: PhotoTours can be adapted in time and space according to the client's needs, as well as making changes at the proposal of the client or supplier.

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