We Devise and Develop
Team Photography

Since 2006, we have participated in different photographic projects in collaboration with other entities and institutions.

- The Other European Travelers. Project leader selected by the EU Culture Program. Directed by Cobertura Photo
- MU Project.
- EU Women. Project partner selected by the EU Culture Program. Directed by Atelier Reflexe.
- True or False. Project partner selected by the EU Culture Program. Directed by Atelier Reflexe.


Photographic project that brought young European photographers together with experts and established photographers. This initiative was aimed to explore through a map of stories, the transformations  in the lives and environments of European families, who for economic reasons left their countries of origin, beginning a new life in other European countries.

This project, directed by Cobertura Photo,  was supported by two co-organizers: Atelier de Visu and 1000 words magazine and a network of European cultural operators. A group of 12 young artists sponsored by a group of 12 experts (photographers, curators, editors ...) from different countries European. It took place in Seville, London and Marseille.


The project that arises with the encouragement, through photography, of the complex realities that are generated around the world of bullfighting. The different photographers contrast their personal vision with the aim of bringing it closer to the street, exploring new public exhibition spaces and provoking a close dialogue between photography and spectator. In this project collaborated the French collectives  Tendance Floue y MYOP


True or False is an interdisciplinary artistic research that includes images, texts and music, with the aim of exploring the position of the true and false in the daily lives of European citizens. The project brings together reknown european experts with young artists through a program of workshops and residences coordinated by several European private institutions and centers.

A publication linked to the works and the results of the meetings and research and an itinerant exhibition presented the documents of these reflections: installations, videos and above all, photography.