Our school, founded in 2002, has a long and recognized career and a staff with a long  professional and teaching experience. It includes photographers with different profiles as well as editors, gallerists, historians,  etc.  who enrich the contents and subjects of the different proposals.

The school offers a program of photography courses. The program is structured in two cycles per year. It includes a one year course, monographics and  technical and language workshops.

The one year course in general photography is aimed at people who are starting from a basic level and want to deep in photography in all its aspects obtaining levels of knowledge and enough capacity to decide on its continuity in learning, its complementation with other fields, or to move  to the professional world.

The monographic workshops cover different subjects, from portrait or nude to personal vision and are taught by renowned photographers and experts such as Alberto García-Alix, Jeffrey Silverthorne, Erik Kessels, Cristina García Rodero, Christian Caujolle and Antoine d'Agata among others.

The workshops and courses focused on technique, language and creation are aimed at people who want to introduce into the world of photography and photographers who wish to expand their vision, knowledge and experience.

The school is sponsored by Canon, Profoto and Clorofila Digital, which provide equipment, materials and services necessary for the development of our program.


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